Monthly Archives: April 2019

Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Sourcing Manager Sheby Kwok

NAME: Sheby Kwok TITLE: Sourcing Manager YEARS AT QUICKFEAT:  18 years JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Outsource factory and fabric sourcing, material technique and compliance WORK EXPERIENCE (COMPANY, TITLE, DUTIES): I’ve had experience in the field of garment production since I was teen. In the 80s, my eldest sister owned a garment factory called Domain Diversify Co., Ltd. […]

Account Spotlight: Carbon2Cobalt Says Partnership with Quickfeat Feels Like Family

Our second Account Spotlight features our 11-year partnership with Carbon2Cobalt. We recently asked Denice Dir, Design Director, Men’s and Women’s Apparel, what makes the partnership so special. ACCOUNT NAME: Carbon2Cobalt EMPLOYEE NAME: Denice Dir TITLE: Design Director, Men’s and Women’s Apparel NUMBER OF YEARS WORKING WITH QUICKFEAT: 11 Years WHAT SERVICES DOES QUICKFEAT PROVIDE FOR […]