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Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Merchandise Manager Alan Lin

NAME: Alan Lin TITLE: Merchandise Manager YEARS AT QUICKFEAT: Since 2008 JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Daily communication with customers, from development stage to production. Lululemon Lead Merchandiser. PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: Company: Hong Tai Travel Services Ltd Title: Tour Guide and Coordinator Duties: Travel with the tour group and monitor the oversea company to ensure they provide the […]

Learn About Kniteracy Asia Company Limited: Quickfeat’s Cambodia Sweater Factory

Quickfeat has recently expanded our factory base to Cambodia. Kniteracy Asia Company Limited is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with a focus on manufacturing fully-fashioned sweaters and accessories. This expansion provides our customers an additional country of origin option, potentially resulting in extra duty savings depending on the destinations. At the same time, customers can be assured that […]