Since 1994, Quickfeat has been the exclusive sourcing and manufacturing arm of a successful direct marketing retailer. From inception, our mission has been to develop and produce high quality, medium quantity products that are competitively priced and contain a high degree of "make". And, because of our core experience servicing "just-in-time" retail direct demand, we have an unmatched reputation in the industry for our prompt delivery and flexible sourcing. In 1998 the company was spun off as a separate entity and began supplying products to the general wholesale and retail marketplace. Today Quickfeat quietly produces apparel, accessories, sportswear and other general merchandise from our factories in Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam.

More than just a buying agency. Quickfeat owns multiple factories in a number of countries and has more than 4 decades of experience manufacturing apparel. We also have numerous partnerships with specialized factories that produce categories outside of our core competency.

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