Photo Journal: Lululemon Vendor Summit

The Quickfeat team (including Glenn Willard, Managing Partner; Justina Chan, Partner; Alan Lin, Quickfeat Merchandising Manager for Lululemon; Ivy Wong, Quickfeat Sweater Designer, and Nadia Hung, Quickfeat COO) recently attended the Lululemon Vendor Summit in Vancouver, BC.

One of the many activities was group yoga.

There was also a scavenger hunt where teams were asked to find a chalkboard and write a mathematical equation. The Quickfeat team found a restaurant chalkboard and added some Einstein.

The Quickfeat team meeting with the Lulu team.

Ten years ago, Quickfeat produced its first sweater for Lululemon. This is it.

Vendors participated in a “closing circle” at the end of the Summit.