Quick Feat Hong Kong Team Volunteers During Thanksgiving Holiday

Eighteen members of our Quick Feat Hong Kong team participated during the Thanksgiving holiday by volunteering at the charity, Soap Cycling. Soap Cycling is a social enterprise with operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, and China. They support disadvantaged communities across Asia by recycling lightly used soap and bottled amenities from hotels that would otherwise go to waste. Since the start of the pandemic, Soap Cycling has extended their services to ensure equitable access to soap for frontline workers and underprivileged communities.

“Our team was able to learn more about various ways to save the planet next time we stay at the hotels. And more importantly, how a small act can have a big impact,” said Quick Feat Partner, Justina Chan.

During the half-day event, our team recycled >14kg of soap, which is enough for a person to use for up to 28 years. We also repackaged 26 liters of liquid soap/shampoo, which could last >2.2 years for a family of four. Our garment making skills also came in handy as we were able to help prepare patterns and sew soap collection bags for later use. Our contribution might be small, but we hope the impact on ourselves and our community is a meaningful one.

The Quick Feat Volunteer Team