Quick Feat Seattle “Gives Big” to the Edible Hope Kitchen

Quick Feat’s Seattle office is proud of its continued support of the Edible Hope Kitchen in Seattle during 2022. We recently participated in “Washington Gives Big” and used the opportunity to recognize the incredible contributions of the Edible Hope Kitchen and its staff and volunteers to those in need every day.

One of those people is Sara Bates, Director of the Edible Hope Kitchen, who recently left after many years of dedicated and life-saving service to the guests of the kitchen. She was a friend to many in the neighborhood. To honor Sara and the Edible Hope Kitchen, Quick Feat pledged $1,500 in matching donations for “Give Big” and another $1,000 in honor of Sara’s service and selfless commitment to feeding those in need. In addition to these donations, Quick Feat coordinated a food rescue service between the Edible Hope Kitchen and a local school for families and students who faced immediate food scarcity due to the pandemic.

The Edible Hope Kitchen in Seattle saves lives on a daily basis by providing a hot and nutritious meal to those in need with its morning breakfast program. Many returning guests mentioned that the Edible Hope Kitchen was the most important part of their day. It helped them as they trained for a new job, or fueled up for a tough day ahead.