Quickfeat Teams in Hong Kong and Seattle Help Feed Those in Need During the Pandemic

The Quickfeat teams in Hong Kong and Seattle were fortunate to be able to give back during the pandemic. Both teams recently participated in “food rescue” and feeding programs in each country to provide food to those in need.

On Thanksgiving Day, Quickfeat’s team in Hong Kong worked with Food Angel to prepare meals and lunch boxes in two different locations in the city. Quickfeat Team A prepared over 6,882 meal sets in the Harvest Mill Kwun Tong Kitchen and Team B prepared over 2,500 lunch boxes at the Sham Shui Po Center Kitchen.

Food Angel rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry (that would otherwise be disposed of as waste) and turns it into nutritious meals for the needy. Currently, Food Angel rescues 35 tons of edible surplus food each week, producing over 15,000 nutritious meals and helps distribute over 9,000 other meals and food packs daily free of charge for people who need food assistance in Hong Kong.

Quickfeat’s Seattle team was able to set up a meal rescue program for the Cascade Parent Partnership School in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood when need was at its highest for many families at the school due to the pandemic. Every Thursday, the Seattle team coordinated food pickup from St. Luke’s Edible Hope Kitchen in Ballard and transferred it to a team at the school who delivered it to families at the school. Over 10,000 pounds of food was delivered to students and families during 2020-21, along with 350 large government aid food boxes distributed over the same period.

It was a great pleasure to give back to the community, and especially to work with several local groups in the area who routinely provide food and services to those in need in Seattle. We could not have done this without the help of teachers and staff at Cascade Parent Partnership as well as St. Luke’s Edible Hope Kitchen and The National Guard, who were dispatched to St. Luke’s throughout much of the pandemic to help with the food rescue and feeding efforts there.