SheFly Apparel: All Genders Feeling Comfortable, Safe, and Confident

Quick Feat is proud to work with SheFly Apparel, a brand on a mission to design products that make the outdoors more accessible for all. Their signature product is the three-season Go There™ Pant, which features a second, patented zipper (in addition to a traditional zipper) that allows the wearer to ‘answer nature’s call’ and relieve themselves in the outdoors, without exposing themselves to the elements or other people.

Quick Feat started its partnership with SheFly during the pandemic when COVID caused their factory to close. In addition, global supply chains collapsed, pausing their intended production of pants indefinitely. In the years since, SheFly has completely rebuilt its supply and manufacturing chain, all while building an enthusiastic community and waitlist of nearly 6,000 people.

Darrell Kirk, Managing Director for Quick Feat North America, fondly remembers early meetings with Charlotte Massey, one of SheFly’s founders and COO. “I received a call from a respected associate in the outdoor industry who asked that I contact Charlotte immediately to help SheFly with their manufacturing and development. After meeting Charlotte and learning more about SheFly’s zipper technology, I was a believer and the partnership began.

“Every day is a new adventure with SheFly and it is incredible to see an apparel brand make a difference during these difficult times by bringing comfort, safety, and confidence to all genders,” continued Kirk.

SheFly says it best as “they are building a moment at the intersection of outdoor accessibility and gender-based empowerment.” We look forward to a bright future with our friends at SheFly and their continued advancements in comfort and safety for all.